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Hay Knife Lover!

We are We provide the best reviews, buying guides, and tips for customers or knife lovers who want to buy the perfect knife. 

On this website, we don’t show client emails or Addresses to others. This is only visible to, who comment on the post. If someone wants to add gravatar month, this is visible to others. Also, your valuable comments will be visible. 

Cookies Privacy:

If you want to comments on KnifeAnalyzer, you must provide your Email, name, and website address; those data will be saved in cookies. For your next comments, we only save this date to cookies. You can use these cookies for 6 months to 12 months.  

We share your data only with you! For example, you need to reset the password, so we will take an email when we send reset confirmation, and you will set a new password. 

Third-Party Data:

We don’t save or collect any third-party data. We only collect real data. 

Readers/Visitor’s Rights:

Suppose you create an account and provide us your personal data/ information. We save this data; In any case, you want to remove all your personal information from our website KnifeAnalyzer. If you request us, we will remove all your data, which is kept for administrative or security purposes only.

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