Explore the Best Knife for Eggplant

best knife for eggplant

Cutting eggplant is not a difficult task. Conventional skin varieties like American eggplant should be removed because it is very hard to eat and has a bitter taste. You need the best knife for eggplant to cut the eggplant perfectly and peel it for cooking preparation.

Today we will discuss all kinds of knives that are the best to cut eggplant.

Chef’s knife: The knife’s blade is about 7-8 inches long, which makes it long enough to handle most eggplants. Though several varieties of eggplant are available in grocery stores, American eggplant or globe eggplant is about 8 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Some common varieties, such as Italian, Asian, or graffiti eggplants, are usually 7-9 inches long and somewhat thin. It is one of the best knives for chopping, dicing, and cubing eggplant.

Santoku knife: This knife is omnipotent and versatile. It is 6-7 inches long that can manage to cut eggplants. It has a blade with a round tip instead of coming to a sharp point. It features a slight abdomen to allow for pendulum motion when cutting vegetable strips.

You can cut or chop all kinds of vegetables with it. With your favourite knife and a chopping board, you’re able to cut some eggplants.

You can cut about half an inch at the top and bottom of the eggplant, leaving a long surface. It is very easy to peel. The eggplant stands on its now flat bottom, and the peeler or paring knife is located on top. It makes a small incision just below the skin.

MAC knife MSK -65:It is an absolute pleasure to use it no matter what the task. It is lightweight, well-balanced, sharp, and comfortable to hold. It’s the perfect eggplant cut and also made comfortably by breaking a chicken. It has a sharp blade that really helps and can be used easily and effortlessly without harming. It is one of the best knives you can use without any doubt.

Paring knife: The paring knife is very small compared to other knives on this list, but it is unique in its purpose. Knives come in lots of shapes and sizes, and each has a specific purpose that can be used for all general-purpose paring and cutting.

 You can hold the pieces with one hand to chop. This may create it easier to cut the eggplants into cubes. It is suitable for peeling round fruits or citrus. This can thicken the eggplant perfectly.

Utility knife: It is a versatile tool for the kitchen. This is another knife for cutting veggies. It is a tiny knife, but it is larger than a paring knife. You should tackle this knife with care so that you can’t get injured.

Utility knives are ideal for medium-sized veggies and shrubs, especially for cutting and slicing eggplant. Consider cutting citrus or a few herbs to finish the dish. So, we can say a utility knife is very useful and effective to cut eggplants appropriately.

There are different kinds of eggplant, and also it has a variety of shapes and sizes. You can dice it, cut it into medallions or cut it into long planks, and do this, and you may own the best knife for eggplant.