Types of Electric Fillet Knife

A trailing point blade is used as the best electric fillet knife, but the blade is mounted on a motorized handle. The knife is likely a small rendering saw.  Electronic plate knives allow users to cut faster than using traditional thimble fillet knives.

There are corded and cordless electric fillet knives. 

(i) Corded electric fillet knife

They need to be plugged directly into the wall or with an adapter with plastic for corded electric fillet knives. These knives have more power, but they do not give you the flexibility you can get cordless.

(ii) Cordless electric fillet knife

Only wall power is required when charging cordless electric fillet knives. These are great for carrying in places where you don’t have 120V power or where it is not difficult to run the cord. Of course, you have to deal with the batteries – and even a battery blade can slow down and affect your cuts.

Electric fillet knives are available as guides and professionals in the fish processing industries but are readily available to the general public. Electric plate knives can be either cord or cordless and usually come with multiple blade options. Li-ion batteries are commonly used in cordless knives.