Which Way Does The Knife Face When Setting The Table? Let us Know

Decorating a dining table may seem simple, but there are some traditional rules for decorating a dining table. A common question asked is “Which Way Does The Knife Face When Setting The Table? ” In this article, we’ll explain table setting and where to place knives, and explore why it matters.

The Traditional Knife Placement

When it comes to setting the table, there’s a traditional way that many people still follow today. According to this tradition, knives should always be placed with their blades facing the dinner plate. In simpler terms, when you put a knife on the table, the sharp part should point towards the plate.

But why do we do this? Well, it’s a mix of being practical and polite. Having the knife blade face the plate is safer because it reduces the chance of accidentally bumping into the sharp edge. It’s also a matter of good manners during a meal – we keep sharp things turned inward to make sure nobody gets hurt by mistake.

How to Set a Dining Table with Proper Knife Position

Let’s talk about how to set a dining table the right way while making sure the knives are in the correct place. Setting a table can be enjoyable and a chance to show your hospitality and eye for detail.

Here’s an easy guide to setting a dining table with the knives in the right spot:

  • Start with a Clean Table: Begin by laying a fresh and neatly ironed tablecloth on the dining table. This sets the stage for a welcoming dining experience.
  • Side Plates on the Left: If you’re serving salad or bread, place the side plate to the left of the forks. This is where you’ll put the side dishes।
  • Forks on the Left: To the left of the dinner plate, arrange the forks with the prongs facing upward. Typically, you’ll have a salad fork and a dinner fork.
  • Spoons and Knives on the Right: On the right side of the plate, set the spoons and knives. The knife blades should face the plate, and the spoons should be placed with their bowls facing upward. You might have a soup spoon and a dessert spoon.
  • Glasses Up Top: Position the drinking glasses just above the knives and spoons. Arrange them in the order they’ll be used, with water glasses on the left and wine glasses on the right.
  • Place the Plates: Put the dinner plates in the middle of each dining chair. Make sure they’re evenly spaced and equidistant from the table’s edge.

    Napkins: Fold the napkins neatly and put them either on the side plate or in the center of the dinner plate. Some folks enjoy fancy napkin folding to add a touch of elegance.
  • Dessert Utensils: If dessert is on the menu, you can place dessert utensils like a cake fork or spoon horizontally above the dinner plate.
  • Use the Right Knife: It’s important to use the appropriate knife for each course. For instance, a steak knife is for cutting meat, while a butter knife is for spreading butter or soft spreads.
  • Add Some Decor: To make your table even more inviting, consider decorating with small flowers or a tasteful centerpiece. Just make sure it doesn’t block anyone’s view or make conversation tricky.
  • Shine Up Those Knives: Before putting the knives on the table, ensure they’re clean and free of watermarks. Well-maintained knives add to the overall presentation.

Table Setting Rules for the Direction of Knives

let’s go over some easy steps for setting a dining table. When it comes to knives, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Knives should point towards the dinner plate, with the sharp edge facing in.
    Forks go on the left, with the prongs facing up.
  • Spoons and knives belong on the right. Spoons should face up, and knives should face the plate.
  • Above the knives and spoons, put the glasses. Water glasses on the left, and wine glasses on the right.
  • If you have side plates for extra dishes, place them to the left of the forks.
  • Napkins can be neatly folded and put either on the side plate or in the middle of the dinner plate.
  • For dessert, if you’re serving it, place the utensils above the dinner plate.
  • Lastly, use the right knife for each course, and keep them in good shape.

The Knife’s Role in Dining

We set the table and eat our meals with knives, thus they are quite important. In addition to assisting us with cutting our meal, they respect tradition and politeness. It is not only safe but also courteous to place the knife with the blade facing the plate.

Sharing a meal together is a distinctive practise that strengthens relationships in many cultures. Setting the table properly, especially indicating where the knives belong, makes dining with others more fun and guarantees that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal without danger.

Last Word

Even though setting the table for dinner may seem insignificant, it is a method to show your visitors that you are considerate of their needs and etiquette. Keep the blade of your knives facing the plate as you set them down. This keeps things secure and enjoyable during the meal in addition to having a great appearance.

Therefore, when setting the table the following time, consider “Which way should the knife face?” and follow convention by pointing it in the direction of the plate. It’s a small detail, yet it can significantly impact how good your eating experience is.


How do you put a knife on a table?

To put a knife on a table, lay it down with the sharp edge facing the plate, and make sure the handle points towards the person using it.

Is the knife facing left or right?

The knife should always point towards the plate, so the sharp side faces inward. This is safer to keep the blade away from people.

Which way do you hold a knife?

To hold a knife correctly, grip the blade near the handle with your thumb and forefinger, and wrap your other fingers around the handle for a secure hold.

What is the face of the knife called?

The front part of the knife is called the flat side of the blade. It’s the side used for cutting food.

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